About Us

ScreenplayToGo (SPTG) is a division of TWIN MONOLITH created to specifically handle the development of screenplays. Our goal is to supply the overwhelming demand for story in the 21st Century. With more content providers debuting yearly, the need for remarkable stories has never been higher. We believe our techniques for developing scripts are the most efficient process in the industry.


Time is money and as Hollywood churns through scripts at a record-breaking pace it is vital that every story reach its maximum potential. So often exceptional stories are told poorly and thus audiences become worn out before the idea can be told properly. It is our goal to bring writers and production studios together in a marriage of pure success by using methods that will ensure the best possible outcome.

Developed by writers for writers, we maintain a fluent process for creative minds without the threat of predatory contracts that in the end remove the incentive to invest in great works of art. SPTG provides a method for writers to work quickly while providing the clients a constant stream of tangibles for review. At every step of the writing process the client knows where we’re going and is invited to make alterations or suggestions at any time. We believe this flow keeps the client and writer in a pure state of creative collaboration.

A Continuum of Writers

We support our writers with a constant flow of ideas to avoid any lost time when developing a new concept. If a writer hits a block, we work together instantly to remove that obstacle and keep the script moving forward. Once a writer joins our team, they are immediately supported by industry professionals who know how to capture specific markets from demographics and genre plays.

We have studied the entire history of film making and the historical factors that aided their success or resulted in their failures. We carefully watch the story trends of not only cinema, but television and video games to ensure that what we develop is fresh for the targeted audiences.