Premise to Story

We work with existing writers or complete novices looking to develop their stories. We have found that many non-professional writers have exceptional ideas in the form of either a premise or a full story but lack the ability to flush out their concept into a professional script.

Given the high demand for new material, we have created our business to cater to this need directly and to rebirth the process of taking submissions from all sources to find the best stories.


Creating the first dailies

Once a concept is completely flushed out, we transition into the writing phases of outline, breakdown, and the screenplay. Our process is highly developed and has worked 100% of the time with all clients. An average endeavor can finish in as short as four to six months. Other more complex scripts can take up to a year. During this process the client can remain as involved as they desire. 


Find the right partner

Once created, we work with agencies in the industry to bring the script to the right agencies in Hollywood to submit the script for consideration. These are our personal contacts that we use to submit our works and not a cold submission. We combine our reputation and talent with our client’s concepts to ensure that what we submit is the right story at the right time to be considered. We also work with outside IP developers for optioning and full purchase.